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Gifts Tron is actually my main deck as of now so here are some of my comments/observations:

If you’re expecting a lot of Delver, Burn, Ascendancy Combo and/or Affinity Chalice of the Void is an absolute BOMB. I recently picked up three of these and now I don’t sweat any of these match ups.

I’d drop the Academy Ruins and Mindslaver. You’ve already got Big Daddy Emmy for inevitability and Playing Tron means that you’ve got 12 lands that produce colorless mana, so playing one more when you don’t have to seems less than ideal.

I’m also a huge fan of Timely Reinforcements. I currently main one and side two more. This is another card that is crazy against burn and Delver. Gaining six life and getting some extra dudes can stall you long enough to reanimate your win con.

Last but not least, I’d definitely consider playing Snapcaster Mage as a one of. He provided a lot of utility and can help you make some nasty Gifts piles if you need to.

Good luck and please update us with how you do!

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