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Subject: We’re all doomed.

*Ianai coughs and spins around rapidly, creating a mini tornado. Ianai jumps out of the tornado wearing a suit and fedora.*

Oh, I’ll speak normal for ya. I’d do anything for ya. In fact… *Ianai catches a cane that someone threw at him.*

*He takes a deep breath and jumps.* …I’d catch a grenade for ya! *He starts to dance.* Throw my hand on a blaaaaade for ya! I’d jump in front of a train for ya! You know I’d do anything for ya… Oh~!

I would go through all this pain, take a bullet straight through my brain! Yes I would die for ya baby….

*Ianai jumps again and points his cane at Sabrina and stares at her, his fedora a bit tipped.*

But would you do the same?

**Author**: boo dat song suks ass and the final lyric isnt even corect

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