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Very true. Its funny how life works but I have a female internet friend who is struggling HARD with being a lesbian or at the very least bi(god I HATE labels, she clearly likes girls)

She is NOT LDS but very Christian. When I mentioned I used to be LDS she immediately brought up she has thought about converting to Mormonism.

She is pretty and thin but hasn’t been kissed at 22. She also goes on and on about how “beautiful and perfect” certain girls are. She smiles and her face lights up. When she talks about guys she is stone faced.

When I asked why she threw out “well when I see a guy with his shirt off or a hot guy I don’t have a sexual attraction”……………..um yeah.

I asked why no girlfriend and she said “I don’t want to go to hell”.

Being a straight male exmo I never thought I would get to see a xian girl go through this but I am watching it “live” so to speak and its very sad.

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